About Us

Racing Overview

Looking for an afternoon of riding ATV's, Motorcycles, and Snowmobiles? Look no further!!

Dusty Bottoms Drag Racing (dbdracing.com) works with different promoters and different locations within Wisconsin.

So join us for a day of friendship and fun.

We race on a 300 ft grass/dirt/sand track, depending on location

The classes we run are set up by the engine (cc) size, and whether they are Stock, Improved Stock, ProStock, Unlimited 2 or 4 stroke.  

Stock class: is designed to have ATV's that are factory stock and are fresh off the trail.

Improved Stock: is the same as above, except may have a pipe, carb re-jetted. MX ATV's can run in this class.

ProStock: has the ATV frame and motor. The frame can be lightened, suspension altered, motor modified, gas only, no alcohol. These ATV's typically are set up only for drag racing.

Unlimited class: almost anything goes in this class. Can have stretch frames, any ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile motor, run any type of fuel. 

Why Choose Us

We have kids classes!!

Kid classes are setup similar to the adult classes, similar to the 4 classes on the left..


Excited kids get a trophy that is almost as big as they are.

Our Goal is to have 100% cash payouts in the rest of the classes. Usually the more entries in a class, the bigger the payout.

All unlimited  classes and some pro stock receive a bonus payout for the top three places.


Dusty Bottoms Drag Racing always welcomes sponsors. All sponsors' money is used to support our races by adding monies to the race payouts. Sponsors will be listed on race literature. You are also welcome to display your company banner to promote your business.

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